Meet Lakely and Skye

Lakely and Skye the Facility Dogs

Oakwood Elementary is happy to officially introduce to you our newest staff members.

Skye and Lakely continue to work on their training with our non-profit partner, Canines for Change. Skye’s handler Becky Manika, and Lakely’s handler, Shannon Goethals, attend training with Skye and Lakely on a weekly basis. Skye and Lakely are doing great and have reached the part of their training where they will begin to learn about the awesome classrooms here at Oakwood. They will both be coming to work one day a week for the next few weeks and then will progress to two days a week and so on. Our goal is by February to have them with us at Oakwood everyday school is in session. 

At this point, Skye and Lakely’s work at Oakwood will always be with their handlers, Becky Manika and Shannon Goethals, and will include secondary handlers, Jamie Heath and Chelsey Fitz. They are working on how to have students greet each dog, to lay down in a class while kids are busy working, and visit with students in classroom or hallway experiences. To start off next week, Skye and Lakely will be practicing being in the building and getting acclimated to the pace at Oakwood. 

To find out more about facility dogs in schools or volunteering to raise a service puppy, feel free to reach out to Canines for Change. 

Welcome, Skye and Lakely, to the Oakwood Family! 

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